The TAKE CHANCES TOUR provides an inspirational masterclass assembly during the day, plus a professional grade concert on your high school's stage that evening. We provide lights, sound, video, and an awesome band with GLEE guitarist and singer/songwriter DERIK NELSON as the frontman. Best part? THE CONCERT IS A RISK-FREE FUNDRAISER FOR YOUR SCHOOL'S ARTS & MUSIC PROGRAM. We've already reached 10,000 high school students. Will your school be next?

EMAIL US or click the "Nominate" button below to invite Derik & his team to YOUR school this Fall 2014!

"[Derik's Team] was so positive and professional! We need more groups like them in our school!"
-Jim D., Band Director, Century High School

“[We have] all kinds of ideas!  We are so excited and soooo on it to make this show the best ever!!”  
-Staci H., Parent Coordinator, Liberty High School


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